Alausa Network Limited


Alausa Network Limited’s distribution network comprises under ground medium voltage cable in both radial and ring circuits; step down transformers and Ring Main Unit (RMU). The details of the items are below


Step down transformers 
11KV, XLPE SWA copper cable 
No of point load customers on the network  
Street light transformers


The type of cable for the network is copper single Wire Armoured (SWA), XPLE insulated, medium voltage (11kV), single or multi-core manufactured to IEC standard. The insulation material (XLPE) of the cable is robust enough to withstand the harsh environment it will be subjected to.
The Ring Main Unit (RMU) is Sf6 insulated with electronic protection that will ensure protection coordination with up or down stream devices. It will have extensible capability.
The Step down transformers is oil immersed, the cooling system is Oil Natural Air Natural (ONAN), off-load tap changers.
The network will be expanded to 11,640 meters during the expansion stage of the power plant.